Mint your PhotoSapien NFT

Biometrically Managed
Self Sovereign Identity

on the Blockchain

PhotoChromic tokenizes peoples’ identities through an NFT that is programmable, verifiable, universally addressable and digitally secured.

PhotoChromic is a framework for creating and managing your identity

on blockchain networks, software services and DApps.

Built by identity cryptographers for you and me.

PhotoChromic aggregates biometric proof of life, government-backed identity verification, social media attestations and unique personal attributes into an on-chain asset that is utilised for blockchain based identity verification and Web3 applications.
PhotoChromic solves the pain points of individual sovereignty being managed exclusively at the hand of governments and third parties like banks and insurers. The development of PhotoChromic multi-chain protocol holds these key attributes in high regard:
Immutable security and independent management of your identity online
Attestation of true biometric identity tethered to your physical and digital assets
Identity infrastructure for the community of developers to consume for Web3 applications

PhotoChromic in the News

Challenge we are addresing

The integrity of your identity is distorted by security vulnerabilities of the companies and governments that attempt to manage your data.
Hundreds of millions of people are undocumented.
People move across borders for diverse reasons, and governments do not always act in a fair and timely fashion. These individuals are entitled to their own digital identity to transact and engage.
Government-issued identity is local, not global.
Passports may enable travel, but most attributes of your identity, including economic behavior and asset ownership don’t travel well.
Identity is not private by design.
You share your identity data and documentation with banks and insurers in exchange for fiat currency privileges. You entrust them to maintain privacy and security. This trust is often compromised and your identity data breached.

Our Solution

There has never been a more important time to appreciate and manage the value of your own identity.
Self Sovereign Identity captured as an NFT allows any individual to present a set of credentials to an authorized party and have them attested as the truth. The protocol then manages the validation. Development in the open-source and decentralized communities has provided evidence that we can build and operate systems that prioritize individual sovereignty over centralized control.

PhotoChromic tokenizes identity through an NFT that is programmable, verifiable, universally addressable and digitally secured.

Individuals can manage how their identity is distributed, by approving the viewership of data to third parties. Once read, the third party can record the confirmation, but third parties don’t retain the underlying data ensuring privacy by design.


Identity is broader than you imagined.
It’s all you are, and key to everything you’ll do and ever own.
All your identity data lives with you, all the time.
Your government-issued identity documents and other forms of identity confirmation can be hashed and saved as an NFT.
Your identity is something you develop over your lifetime, and you can decide how you manage and share that identity.
The people you trust, validate your identity as part of the community validation protocol.
Use your identity to connect banks, crypto wallets and all your documents.

Foundation for the internet of people

PhotoChromic is a blockchain protocol that gives ownership and control of the identity back to the individual - where it belongs. It enables valuable utility on the internet to bond your identity to digital and physical assets, valuable relationships and to digitally sign agreements.
Know Your Customer
Know your customer involves checking that a person is real, and that their identity documents are authentic. Typically this involves cross checking a government-issued ID with other data points including national identity and proof of address.
Banks and governments as validators
Given the nature of the existing identity datasets that banks and insurers own, they can provide a valid source of confirmation, in conjunction with government back identity issuers, to start developing layers of trust on the network.
NFT (Non fungible tokens)
NFTs provide the core components to empower members of society to manage their identity and navigate the use thereof it in the new borderless economy.
Identity and Verification (IDV)
Something you know (your PIN), something you have (your mobile phone) and something you are (your fingerprint, face selfie or voice biometric) used together can confirm that you’re live, and in fact the right person engaging with an entity.
The crowd as attestors
People that you trust will take on the role of validators of your identity, and earn tokens for their efforts.

Identity Chain Architecture

PhotoChromic unites a world of identities on the blockchain to unlock valuable utility for individuals
Confirm your liveness through a digitally secured process on your device
Validate your identity by uploading your passport and identity documents
Add records like your birth and marriage certificate
Mint your personal NFT by hashing your identity onto the blockchain.
Create your PhotoChromic NFT on a shareable link
Be able to tether your identity to digital assets
Be able to add records and detail to your PhotoChromic NFT over time

Bonding Token

The PhotoChromic ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain serves three distinct purposes: governance over the network, bonding of identities to assets, and staking.
The utility of being able to bond one’s identity to assets such as documents, art and collectables is globally applicable. ID token holders will have complete control over the protocol, and be able to able to bond their identities to digital and physical assets.


35.0% - Community incentive
21.0% - Private Sale & IDO
18.0% - Team
12.5% - Development
7.5% - Marketing and Partnerships
3.5% - Advisory
2.5% - Liquidity pool

Future roadmap

We are excited about the roadmap to progress the PhotoChromic project. Our high level strategy will aim to deliver on these key milestones.
Launch of testnet.
Key influencers onboarded.
Identity Verification launch.
3rd party integrations go live.
Community attestations.
Roadmap to full decentralisation.
Token sale / IDO.
Involve key advisors.
Commence development.
Key partner projects identified
First users IDV'd.

Token sale / IDO.
Involve key advisors.
Commence development.
Launch of testnet.
Key influencers onboarded.
Identity Verification launch.
Key partner projects identified
First users IDV'd.
3rd party integrations go live.
Community attestations.
Roadmap to full decentralisation.

Strategic Investors & Advisors

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The PhotoChromic project is intimately linked to each person’s claim to their own identity and ability to take control over that important asset.
We welcome project partners such as document signature companies, vertical markets for collectables and key artists, creators, sportspeople and celebrities who might participate in the early stages of the launch to be in touch.